‘Thanks for your prayers but I couldn’t give a f*ck about them’: Annapolis survivor drops live F-bomb in CNN interview

Anderson Cooper had two survivorѕ of today’s shоoting at Maryland’s Capital Gazette newspaper on his show Thursday night.

Reporter Selene San Felice said she was doing fine—сonsidering she’d just watched someone die.

In an enthusiastic meet, she related to Cooper covering the shooting at the Beat club in Florida where she went to school and hearing survivors conversation approximately texting their families as they stowed away from a shooter. And at that pointnowadays, she was at work and stowing away from a shooter.

San Felice says she’s still making sense of the tragedy but knows she’ll want to advocate for policy change.

“I don’t know what I want right now but I’m gonna need more than a couple days of news coverage and thoughts and prayers…thanks for your prayers but I couldn’t give a f*ck about them if there’s nothing else,” she told the unfazed CNN host.

Watch below:

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